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Lawrence Colbert

Founder, Chairman & CEO


Lawrence Colbert

CEO Lawrence

Lawrence Colbert & David Cameron

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Lawrence Colbert & Kasia Madera

Welcome to Billionaire Magazine. I’m Lawrence Colbert, the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Billionaire Media and I would like to personally thank you for visiting with us. I’m a proud American military veteran who has served throughout the globe for years. I've been fortunate to see ambitious men and women come from humble beginnings and go on to achieve greatness, many of whom are indeed billionaires. I


I understand the struggles that entrepreneurs go through in life as I have failed repeatedly in my business career. In fact, many years ago as a young military seargent I shared the same ambitions of most people.  After getting out of the military and getting married,  I needed to support my family, so I tried everything under the sun from selling life insurance to delivering newspapers and eventually started a business that completely broke us.  No matter how hard I tried, we struggled and eventually my family and I had to move into a homeless shelter for military veterans.


It was embarrassing to be in that situation and it ruined my marriage. My daughter was born whilst we lived in that shelter and as much of a blessing that she is things suddenly became more desparate and all the more painful. 3:00 oclock one morning whilst feeding my daughter her bottle I looked into my baby's eyes and I simply cried. I had let her down. Her life was supposed to be better than this. From that moment forward I vowed to make a success of myself for the sake of my family, or die trying. I had to learn to think and act differently. I had to change and evolve.


I made a commitment to learn everything there is surrounding wealth. This has been my passion ever since and what eventually inspired me to create BILLIONAIRE MAGAZINE. I believe that adversity builds character and that which does not kill you makes you stronger if you can maintain a positive attitude. Whilst I lived in that very homeless shelter, I made the acquaintance of the former right hand man of the richest man in the world. He was a quiet man with a serving heart. Though he never gave me a penny, he gave me something of infinite value which continues to benefit me today. A simple concept, of "serve myself by being of service to others." This has been my philosophy ever since and it’s my mission to be of service to you.


Since learning from my mentor I went on to create a number of service and training companies including Car Sales School, Trade Cycle Management, Beyond Millionaire & Beyond Fears, Prebillionaire, The Billionaire Store and of course Billionaire Magazine and many others. I've done so without a penny of funding and support from anyone else and pay for all of this out of my own pocket.


Although this brand is called "Billionaire", we are fairly simple down to earth people. I founded our organisation on the humble philosophy of Dream, Struggle, Victory - which is the common theme of most success stories including that of many billionaires. So, this isn't just the magazine for the rich and successful. It's also the publication for those who aspire to becoming the best versions of themselves possible. Along the way, I have met and worked with some of the most incredible people on earth. My aim quite simply is to share the lessons of their stories and experiences and change lives forever. I am human and I promise you that my small team and I may make a mistake or two along the way and simply ask that you bear with us on this journey. Thank you again for visiting with us, and please come back again soon.

Lawrence Colbert and Ndaba Mandela

Lawrence Colbert & Ndaba Mandella

Lawrence Colbert and Geoff Hurst

Lawrence Colbert & Sir Geoff Hurst

Lawrence at Bentley Factory
Lawrence and Bugatti

"Your belief in the possible, dictates your achievement of the actual."  Lawrence Colbert, CEO

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