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Billionaire Jewelry brings you the world's most exclusive fine jewelry. Backes & Strauss, the British house of diamonds and haute horlogerie, unveiled their limited edition Beau Brummell timepiece from their Regent collection, which has attracted the attention of fine watch aficionados.

Backes & Strauss London in Billionaire Magazine

Only fifty of the watches were available, making the Beau Brummell a truly limited edition.  The watch is inspired by and named after the famed English wit who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries.  An iconic figure during Regency England, he was a close friend of the Prince Regent who eventually became King George IV and was famed for his very tasteful yet understated style of dress.  George Bryan “Beau” Brummell is credited with introducing the modern men’s suit worn with a tie.  A statue of Beau Brummell can be found in present-day London on the same street one can find the Backes & Strauss building.


The Beau Brummell Limited Edition Luxury timepiece features a dazzling 347 diamonds in an Ideal cut weighing 5.5 carats.  An elegantly understated titanium case showcases the hand-set diamonds, and the dial is truly spectacular; 206 diamonds are placed along the roman numerals and are surrounded in a cobalt-type blue.   The watch measures between 40 and 47 mm, and has hours, minutes, and seconds hands, a date display between the four and five o’clock positions, and is mechanical movement powered.  The watch also boasts of automatic winding and a platinum segment rotor.  Bringing the look all together is a sharp blue wristband that matches with the blue of the roman numerals on the dial.


One can state with confidence that this is a timepiece Beau Brummell would be very proud to wear.

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Backes & Strauss watch
Backes & Strauss Watch in Billionaire Magazine
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