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Billionaire's Card

Welcome to the world's most exclusive concierge service. Billionaire's Card Concierge is the card that the elite and most financially successful individuals of modern times use to gain access to the world's most exclusive products and services.  We bridge the gap between dreams and desires and provide the tools to make them a reality.  


Billionaire's Card proudly brings you personal shopping services, a host of informative television shows, a university, fragrances, billionaire liquor, music labels and access to some of the most exclusive products and services in the world. Join now and reach the Pinnacle of your success with Billionaire's Card.


Billionaires Card Concierge service is available globally in your preferred language whenever you may need it. We are always there for you when only an ultra high level of customer service will do.


Your Billionaires Card Concierge experience will start with a phone call to introduce you to our service, and to ascertain your requirements and preferences. From the very outset, our goal is to ensure your experience with us is a rich and rewarding one, satisfying your needs and delivering you unique opportunities at your behest.


As the world's most premium concierge brand you can be sure of excellence in all of your Billionaire's Card concierge experiences. The Billionaire team anxiously welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations and take extreme pleasure in serving you.

The last thing you need is yet another organisation or person to manage or place demands on your time. What you’d actually like is someone diligent and trustworthy who will hit the ground running and quickly grasp how best they can help you.


Every member of the Billionaire's Card team is committed to making a genuine difference to your lifestyle from the very first moment we make your acquaintance. We are not interested in coming up with generic solutions to the challenges you face. We know you need individual attention and pride ourselves on consistently delivering the high levels of creativity and pro-activity you require.


So if you need a dream holiday arranged, a party or event planned or an imaginative gift sourced, we have the contacts and experience to make it happen. We manage school, university and college selection and application and can arrange activities for your children as well as help with your family’s medical and dental needs.


We take on your labour intensive and personal issues quickly and efficiently and give you back more quality time to enjoy life to the full.


Ultra high levels of service for ultra high net worth clients is our foundation and our ethos. We strive to make life better, easier, and more fulfilling from the beginning to the end for any event you may desire. We bring a new level of value to your concierge experience and seek to exceed your expectations every time without fail. We have revolutionized the concept of 360-degree customer service and our commitment to your personal satisfaction is constant. We have partnerships with the very best suppliers in the world and offer global support which allows our team to be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Billionaire's Card

Billionaire's Card

"Your wish is our command..."


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