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Alan Chambers MBE

Alan Chambers MBE is a polar adventurer who, after spending five years researching, planning and training, led the first successful British unsupported expedition from Canada to the Geographic North Pole. Walking 672 nautical miles in temperatures as low as -65°C and dragging a sledge the weight of a baby elephant, after a grueling seventy days on the ice, Alan and his team mate raised the Union Jack on top of the world at 23:16 hours on 16th May 2000. Alan has subsequently led 12 successful North Pole expeditions with top business leaders and chief executives, in order to help them explore and reflect on their own leadership capabilities.


In 2006 Alan lead a team and completed the gruelling Yukon Arctic Ultra Challenge. In 2008 Alan lead a team across Greenland to engage in 10,000 school children to highlight climate change. In 2009 he lead a team of senior executives and high achievers to the South Pole.


A former Royal Marine Commando with 16 years service, Alan Chambers was a member of the first winter expedition to traverse Iceland by ski in 1995, he has sledged across Greenland, Canada North West Territories, Norway and Iceland. In 2008 he lead and crossed Greenland as part of the Feet of Green initiative to inspire children with a spirit of adventure and care for the environment.

Alan Chambers MBE

"The only limits are those of vision."  Alan Chambers MBE

Alan Chambers and Princess Diana
Alan Chambers and the Queen
Alan Chambers at North Pole
Alan Chambers MBE

Alan was invited to speak by Sir Clive Woodward to the England rugby football senior squad in preparation for the rugby world cup 2003, concentrating on project focus, maintaining direction in adversity and the change that will have to be adapted to... Martin Johnson, Captain England winning rugby World Cup team: "Alan's amazing story highlighting the remarkable focus & leadership he had around the north pole trip truly inspired the team in their preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2003."


Alan was invited by Duncan Fletcher to speak to the England cricket ashes team in their ashes preparations. Focusing on the mental endurance and winning belief needed to achieve regaining the ashes... Duncan Fletcher, England ashes Head Coach: "Alan Chambers was with us all the way through the ashes, if only from a distance. At every turn he recognised a situation from his journey and related it to that which we were encountering. That was great to know and provided excellent motivation, as well as a frequent good talking point. We used Alan's analogies in the changing room after we lost the first test."


At the age of 32, Alan Chambers was awarded an MBE by HM The Queen in 2000 for ‘determination and leadership in constant adversity'. He is also a qualified diver, parachutist, paramedic and ski survival instructor.

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