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Welcome to the world of exclusive private aviation services. Billionaire Air focusses on services for elite travellers. Being in the business world often means flying to different locations. The fast pace of today's business world requires the ability to act quickly. A private charter is the best way to travel for important business meetings, conferences and events. As such, companies using private jets for important business meetings or executive travel are able to save time for traveling executives and increase efficiency.


A private jet or helicopter charter can help your enterprise become more efficient, conserving valuable time and delivering more earnings to your bottom line. When multiple business team members fly, an executive jet charter can save money over multiple first-class tickets. This way, a business is able to improve the output of their employees while trimming their travel costs. Jet charter services also keep entrepreneurs on schedule. They are never late as the plane leaves when you arrive, never without you. If you are going to be making use of such a service, you want to have absolute peace of mind, and of course, the best service that you can possibly ask for.


Private jet and helicopter charters are able to provide the convenience of travel according to your schedule on a luxury aircraft with impeccable service. A flight can also use aircraft that is optimized for business, perhaps an executive aircraft that features a space for meetings and communication devices. NetJets is one such premium service providing your own private airline.

With a journey punctuated by events, Heli Air Monaco has grown since its inception ... Here is their story ...



The company HELI AIR MONACO is born ...

It opens a regular line between Nice and Monaco and establishes the first helipad at the site of Fontvieille ... The fleet is composed of a single helicopter "ENSTROM F28", a single-seater to "piston". It carries that year 747 passengers ...



Meet the demand ... HELI AIR MONACO acquires a second helicopter: A Bell 206 Jet Ranger ...



The necessity and importance of the company are officially recognized. The heliport of Monaco Internationnal is created by Sovereign Order. The fleet of 3 aircraft and helicopter transport grows considerably since to 15,237 passengers carried in 1980 ...



For the sole purpose of offering its passengers an optimum service ... HELI AIR MONACO offers FREE shuttles to passengers arriving in the Principality, between the helicopter airport and hotels, homes or meeting places ... The fleet grows tof 4 helicopters and transports 39,673 passengersin 1983....



A helicopter EUROCOPTER AS 365 Dauphin twin C3 joins fleet HELI AIR MONACO ... Already composed of 6 helicopters Ecureuil AS 350 (5 seats) and a BELL Jet Ranger (4 seats) ... HELI AIR MONACO becomes the only company of the French Riviera to own this type of helicopter ... The main advantage is, among other things, a large cabin capacity (10/12 seat passengers), as in the hold ...  With a fleet of 8 helicopters, HELI AIR MONACO carries 94,300 passengers in 1991 ...



The fleet of HELI AIR MONACO gets the latest Eurocopter ...  EC 120 COLIBRI

It is the only public transport company to own a new generation of helicopters the advantages of the EC 120 COLOBRI : silence  ... With a fleet of 8 aircraft, nearly 100,000 passengers were carried during the year ... HELI AIR MONACO prepares to celebrate its 25 years of operation ... It acquires a new helicopter, Eurocopter AS 365 Dauphin twin N ... 103 000 passengers transported that year ... it is also the year of 1.500.000 th passenger ...



In February, the fleet grows again with the acquisition of twin helicopters ... EUROCOPTER AS 355 N



HELI AIR MONACO is the first company in Europe to use this new helicopter, EC 130 B4 Ecureuil Super. This new device is equipped with the latest technologies. Guests enjoy a comfort, silence and an exceptional space this helicopter provides individual seating for each passenger. This super Ecureuil is equipped with the famous fenestron (less noise), an automatic control of the rotor and a system of numerical command ...



EC-155 B1 Dauphin twin-turbine with a capacity of 12 passengers and 2 pilots configuration public transport ... Flight performance far superior to those of other Dauphins in that range .... A VIP version is available to our customers, featuring 5 leather seats, mini-bar, and additional conveniences.



Aware of the interest in having a high-performance helicopter at our customer's disposal... HELI AIR MONACO welcomes a new... EC-155 B1

Reserved exclusively for private flights, upon request ... Flying to :


COURCHEVEL in 50 minutes

GENEVE in 75 minutes

PORTO CERVO in 90 minutes

ROME in 110 minutes

Combining comfort, speed and sound, in its VIP version "COCOON", worthy of a private jet.



The number of passengers transported reaches 100,000. The fleet increases thanks to new, less noisy, less polluting and more environmentally friendly craft : a new- generation EC 130 B4 and a twin-engine As 355. At the end of 2007, the total number of passengers transported reached 2,300,000 in 30 years, a record considering the specificity of this type of transport. Regular service between Nice and Monaco has become a worldwide reference in the helicopter transport of passengers field.


2010 and Beyond

The fleet of helicopters will comprise 12 craft of different types to be able to meet all clients' demands, at moderate prices. Shuttle service in Monaco

Free shuttle service by minibus includes transport to and from your home (or hotel or company in Monaco) to the Heliport of Monaco and to your final destination.

Book this service when you book your helicopter seat.


Scheduled service

7 minutes between Monaco and the Nice Côte d'Azur. A helicopter takes off every 15 minutes from Nice or Monaco for HELI AIR's daily flights, with a total of 50 flights every day all year and connections with all planes to and from nice.


Monaco Grand Prix

For the Monaco Grand Prix, a true airlift is organized between Monaco, the Côte d'Azur Airport and the French Riviera's most prestigious sites.


Reception desks at the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

HELI AIR MONACO is present at all terminals of the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, National, International, and General Aviation Terminal, to provide the best service and the fatest boarding.

TERMINAL 1 : (Transit) : "Arrivals" To your left out of the baggage claim area, opposite of DOOR "A1".

TERMINAL 1 : "Register Desk" In the area "Private Aviation"

Heli Air Monaco
HeliAir MC


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