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2) Strength Training Exercises


If you want to change the way your body looks, strength training routines are a great way to alter your shape. Strength training firms your body, adds more muscle definition and more importantly for weight loss, revs up your metabolic rate.

The faster your metabolism is running, the faster you burn fat meaning the closer you will get to your weight loss goals.


       elcome to the amazing world of Billionaire Fitness. We proudly bring you the best ways to get yourself in shape in time for 2019.


1) Be More Active a Little Each Day


Start to get in shape for spring quickly by being more active on a daily basis. Think exercise away from the gym. You don’t have to be running on the treadmill or working away with weights to burn calories.

Every movement you do throughout the day burns off calories and this really adds up over time. It is surprised to know that everyday activities can actually burn more calories than gym workouts.

So try window shopping with a friend rather than going for coffee or get out and do some gardening rather than sitting inside watching TV. Get out the Hoover and do some housework rather than reading magazines. If you can find little ways to get more active it will pay off in pounds lost over the course of time.


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3) Lower Stress Levels


Stress is something that can have a negative influence on body fat loss progress because is increases a hormone called cortisol in the body and this will actually encourage stomach fat accumulation.

Not quite what you need! Cortisol also increases the risk that you begin breaking down your muscle tissue rather than using up fat, and it’s muscle that’s responsible for maintaining an elevated metabolic rate.

Whether it’s taking a hot bath, reading a good book, or participating in an exercise class, do something to get your stress levels under control the way that relaxes you.

4) Increase Your Vegetable and Protein Intake


The last tip to get in shape for spring is to make sure you’re eating enough vegetables and protein. This easy diet change could lead to pounds of fat lost each month which will easily get you on the way to get in shape for spring.

Vegetables are low in calories, high in fibre and provide the body with all the nutrients it needs so you can burn fat effectively and fast. Proteins are rich in branch chain amino acids which help build muscle which in turn burns fat. Fill your plate up with plenty of vegetables and the correct portion of protein at each meal and watch the results!

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