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Try as it did to keep all images and teasers of the Ferrari F150 under wraps, Ferrari shouldn’t have been surprised to see that a teaser was leaked on the Internet a few weeks ago without its permission. So instead of crashing against the waves, Ferrari decided to ride it, officially releasing the first teaser of the Enzo’s successor. It’s not all that clear, but it’s clear enough to make out a few of the design features of the supercar’s rear. A low roofline looks to be part of the F150’s overall design with a bubble cockpit that was done to presumably increase the headroom for both the driver and the passenger.


More clearly though, are the taillights that, not surprisingly, are connected by a long horizontal braking light similar to the automaker’s existing lineup. A retractable rear wing could also be part of the rear profile, although it’s not distinctly visible in the rendering. We expect one, nonetheless, similar to what the Enzo used to have.


















Ferrari has already confirmed two things for its future. The first to come was the fact that it will soon feature a V-12 hybrid drivetrain dubbed the HY-KERS system. The second thing that Ferrari confirmed was the fact that a new Enzo-like vehicle will debut in the coming years boasting this HY-KERS system as its power plant. Some snooping around also produced that this new “Enzo” will bear the F150 name. Currently, the details on this upcoming F150 are scarce, at best, and all we have seen in the form of visuals on it are some spy shots of its testing mule, which looks more like an Italia 458 with poorly placed metal slabs bolted onto it. The same rings true for the interior. What we do know is that in an effort to reduce weight, the F150 will include some carbon-fiber panels.


We also know a good deal about the 6.3-liter V-12 HY-KERS (Hybrid-Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that will power it. Starting with the internal combustion side; this engine will be as efficient as possible, using multi spark technology – a series of cooler sparks as the piston travels upward – that assures that no fuel goes to waste by the spark plug igniting multiple times before the each cylinder hits top-dead-center. This combustion engine links to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. On the electrical side, you have a series of components working together for optimal efficiency. On the backside of the seven-speed trans, you have a high-power traction motor. This motor electrifies the seven-speed trans, adding to the power the engine delivers to it. Attached to the gasoline engine is an auxiliary generator that charges the batteries, as needed. Lastly, on top of the transmission is the hybrid power unit, which features two inverters and a smart cooling system. All of this amazing technology produces 920 combined horsepower and a 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) time of 6.5 seconds. This also reduces the CO2 emissions by 40 percent, 10 percent more than the initial tests. To secure your order for this amazing supercar be sure and contact us and allow us to be of assistance.


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