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These products contain some of the rarest ingredients on Earth—24k gold, caviar and platinum—and promise youthful vitality, corrected imperfections and total skin renewal. And what could be more luxurious than that?


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Orogold Cosmetics 24K Nano Night Recovery, 30mL, US $1,500,


Infused with 24k gold (yep, you read right), nutrients and essential oils, this night recovery elixir is supposed to improve skin’s appearance and provide high levels of hydration.


Clive-Christian-Pure-PerfumeClive Christian Pure Perfume, 30 mL, $2,334,


Apparently, money does have a scent… and this is it. While any of Clive Christian’s scents can easily rack up your credit card bill, this scent was one of the few available in Canada.


Creme-De-La-Mer-Ultrarich-CreamCreme De La Mer Ultrarich Cream, 16.4 oz., $2,222,


This cult face cream promises to improve skin’s firmness, and diminish lines and wrinkles while minimizing pores, leaving skin looking ageless. Its secret to correcting these problems is said to be in the cream’s nutrient-rich seaweed “miracle broth” formula.


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Guerlain-Orchidee-Imperiale-The-Cure-3rd-Generation-TreatmentGuerlain Orchidée Impériale The Cure 3rd Generation Treatment, 15mL each, $1,754,


In four weeks these four-step vial treatments will give you renewed skin for around $1,700. Each week promises to correct a different problem from the inside out—and the kicker is Guerlain recommends you use it twice a year. (For the price, we were hoping it would take a little less time than a whole month.)


La-Prairie-Platinum-Rare-Cellular-CreamLa Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, 1.7 oz., $1,228,


One of the world’s most precious metals—platinum—is now available in your face cream. This miracle worker claims to protect skin DNA, replenish moisture, and recharge the skin cells, all while adjusting to changing humidity levels. For that price, it better do all of the above!


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Anti-aging seems to be a trend in this luxury cosmetics business. Sisley-Paris’s foundation promise a more youthful appearance with each use, instantly relieving skin from looking fatigued and correcting complexion over time.

Sisley-Paris Skinleya Foundation, 1 oz., $223,




       elcome to the amazing world of Billionaire Beauty. We proudly bring you a collection of the world's best beauty products and services. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but does that same rule apply to beauty? To find out the answer, we’ve hunted around and gathered 10 of the most expensive beauty products currently on the market.


If you thought you may have gone a little overboard at your last trip to Sephora or MAC adding that new eye cream and lip gloss to your kit, think again. These face creams, skin serums and youth elixirs blow your beauty blowout right out of the water.


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