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Billionaire Media consists of 7 sites brimming with exclusive content, video and interactive tools. Each site has its own distinctive personality, created by our in-house editorial team. Our sites are designed to drive maximum usage, but also to deliver compelling advertising and promotional opportunities for Billionaire Media partners. We hope you will take time to browse our content and see for yourself...

In every site we have created a content set which will deliver a truly Billionaire experience, encouraging users to:


WATCH: We will deliver premium content across a range of genre's, from in-group How-To-Guides, News, Music Videos. We can link up your in-stream Banner ad, to a standard online ad format - so your Banner ad will trigger the MPU, creating increased brand presence and click through rates.


BUY: Well, if a user is interested in a subject, they are more inclined to make a purchase. We will deliver advertisers and partners the opportunity to position their products in relevant contextual environments.


WIN: Enter competitions, meet your favourite star, be a VIP at the Billionaire Events! We offer advertisers the opportunity to run competitions, and benefit from data capture and brand exposure.


SEARCH: Does what it says on the tin! We can link up your graphical ad to any user keyword typed in. We can also use behavioural targeting to deliver relevant ads to users who have typed in keywords, whenever they revisit the site.


DISCUSS: We encourage users to tell us what they think, on any subject (note the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Billionaire Media group). Users will be able to comment on any piece of content or video, upload photos, share experiences.


RESEARCH: A series of tools will be on offer, from Movie finders, through to Pub Guides, through to Property Finders. We aim to offer a series of objective information sources, which allow users to make the most of their leisure time, we are an entertainment company after all. These finders will deliver deep usage and catch users in 'the browsing, information gathering stage', what better place to promote your product, in order to deliver a purchase, or create consideration for your brand.


Billionaire Media Group has years of experience in creating bespoke, online ad-funded content for a range of Blue Chip brands. We will work with clients to create Banner ads which are compelling for users, drive interest and deep usage, and allow advertisers to communicate their brand values in a highly targeted environment.


Contact the team for more details!

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Telephone: New York, USA +1 (646) 787 9492 Telephone: London, UK +44 (0) 207 112 5170 24 Hour Global: +44 (0) 7574 094473